Sandwich Selection

Gourmet and traditional sandwiches, foccocias and bagels for the perfect afternoon tea.

Traditional Sandwiches

Basic fillings, one round cut into 4 triangles - $6 per round; $9 per 1.5 rounds

Fillings include:

Ham and salad; Chicken lettuce and mayonnaise; Pastrami, avocado and Swiss cheese; Meatloaf, tomato, cheese and onion; Corned beef and pickles; Ham and mustard; Cheese and salad; Chicken sour cream and chives; Beef and tomato relish.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Gourmet fillings, one round cut into 4 triangles - $7.50 per round; $10.50 per 1.5 rounds.

Fillings include:

Smoked Salmon, mustard dill mayo and capers; Turkey breast, cranberry sauce, sundried tomato and camembert; Thin sliced rib fillet, seeded mustard and marinated egg plant; Pastrami, sundried tomatoes, olives and tomato relish; Chicken, tomato aioli, avacado and onion confi; Proscuitto, feta cheese and snow pea sprouts.

Traditional Foccocias and Bagels

Basic fillings, 1 round cut into 4 pieces - $9 per round; $12 per 1.5 rounds

Assorted fillings to your choice:

  • Gourmet Foccocias and Bagels
  • Gourmet fillings, 1 round cut into 4 pieces - $10.50 per round.
  • Assorted fillings to your choice.

Assorted Rolls

A selection of white, brown, grain and sourdough breads are available with assorted fillings to your choice@ $8 each.

Lunch Halal

Gourmet sandwiches and Turkish break with assorted fillings, fillings include: Smoked Salmon, Chicken, Beef, Meatloaf and other Halal meats, and Fresh Fruit @ $18 per person

Morning and Afternoon Tea

Selection European cakes and slices

@ $8.80 per person


Percolated coffee and tea including cups and sauces, teaspoons, milk and sugar @ $4 per person

Orange juice @ $10 per 2 litres

Lunch Boxes

Individual packs with a variety of sandwiches or rolls with gourmet fillings, whole fruits, cake, and water or juice @ 18 per person (minimum of 30 packs)

Additional Information

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